Private Birth doula services

There is no single way to give birth or to cope with labor.
I will be helping each woman in finding her own best way.


PARTNERSHIP bIRTH doula services 

" A change of position, of attitude, of atmosphere in the room, and a host of other factors can utterly change the inner sensations of labor." 



Providing doula support to birthing people is a risk-free endeavor, and it’s highly effective for improving  health outcomes and decreasing some risks. People who use a doula report experiencing less pain and anxiety during labor. They’re also much more likely to be highly satisfied with their birth experience. In one study that looked at giving couples a doula, they found that all of the partners rated their experience with a doula as positive or extremely positive. So, typically, both the birthing people and their partners are highly satisfied with the help they got from their doula.



The recovery period is different for every family and can be influenced by many factors. All families need is support. As one study with the beginning title “She would sit with me” pointed out, moms with new babies gain confidence, receive empowerment, and benefit from having breastfeeding support from a trained individual that provides lengthy home visits.




"Researchers think that childbirth education might work by changing how you perceive pain during labor. The theory is that Childbirth education acts on your central nervous system to relieve pain. We call this the Central Nervous System Control method of pain management, and basically what this means is that acquiring knowledge and skills before you give birth may activate thoughts and mental processes in your brain so that you perceive less pain or your pain feels less unpleasant during labor."



The goals of childbirth education can range from increasing your self-confidence, helping you prepare for birth, helping your partner learn how to support you during birth, and helping you prepare for parenting and breastfeeding. Another common goal of childbirth education is to help you form a social support network and to meet other parents in your community who are going through the same thing. Childbirth education can even impact the way you perceive pain relief during labor.




scary class

"Researchers found that after a typical childbirth class, many parents had more trust in hospitals and less fear of medical interventions. They also had a greater trust in their caregivers. Almost all of the parents wanted to be informed about the major benefits and risks of different interventions, such as inductions or cesareans. But the majority of them could not answer questions correctly about these interventions even after they’d taken a typical childbirth class."

Let’s change that?




DOULA Certification TRAINING

This comprehensive curriculum prepares Doulas to support women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. You will also learn strategies to build a successful doula business.



Do you have the desire to become a Birth Doula but have no time to fit trainings in your schedule? Have the class come to you at the convenience of your schedule with the benefits of the one on one time with the instructor.



“Birth stories are a huge part of our life experience. It is the beginning of our child’s life. It is an intense physical and emotional experience, one we can’t imagine until we go through it. Telling our birth story is a way to make sense of it and integrate this event into our lives”.