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About me

I am at 30 something year old Brazilian woman living in the United States since 2006. I am married with a very supportive man and I have two little boys. I have been working as a doula since 2010. Currently, I have helped and witnessed the birth of over 250 families, and also provided prenatal education, lactation and postpartum guidance to many other families. 

I have experience in most hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have worked with single mothers, teen mothers, surrogate mothers, life partners, mothers in a high risk pregnancy, mothers with depression and anxiety, and couples who just needed the extra support. I have supported women during their unmedicated and medicated labors, as well with cesarean sections. I have experience with VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) and vaginal birth of twins.

Honestly, I decided to become a doula without realizing how important labor support was. The fact that I could be at a birth witnessing the beauty of it all was something that just fascinated me and it was my motivation to become a doula.

After learning more about doulas, I learned that their goal is to offer emotional support, which sounded even more appealing to me. The fact I could be around pregnant women talking about the joys and challenges of being pregnant, helping couples to plan their birth, and helping families to accomplish their wishes sounded like something that matched perfectly with the type of person I am.

As a doula I can go beyond that, not just telling women about their body's capabilities but guiding them and showing them that they can do it, and helping them to accomplish their desires for labor. 

After a couple birth experiences I truly learned how important labor support is and knew what my calling was. Just then I could see how important my job is, and the difference I can make in someone's life during such a short period of time: their pregnancy, labor and postpartum journey. A baby will be born if  a doula is there or not. Nurses and doctors/midwives will be able to do their job whether a doula is there or not but chances are extremely high that a family's experience wont be nearly as it could be utilizing a doula. 

I love what I do and my goal is to show people that labor, although intense, does not have to be what they have heard their whole life, it can be just as beautiful as holding your baby in your arms, and mother by mother I will accomplish my goal of spreading this 'great news' out to anyone willing to listen and experience it no matter the birth route chosen.