This package includes the childbirth preparation series, over the phone labor/birth support, postpartum visits with breastfeeding guidance, on call time availability with unlimited contact via phone and email during pregnancy and postpartum.

I have had many experiences where my doula-ing work was done mostly over the phone but in situations that weren’t previously planned like a very fast labor. Many of those couples expressed that there was a great value on the guidance over the phone. That’s why I started offering this package.

With this package couples can contact me anytime during pregnancy and labor over the phone. I will guide the couple, mostly the partner, with what might be helpful at that point in labor. There will be feedback about the stage of labor and what to expect, suggestions of positions that will optimize the baby’s position as well as labor, exercises for the labor progression, couching with breathing, suggestions for massages and comfort techniques that can be helpful to be applied at such point in labor, ideas of how to exchange information and desires with the staff and how to be heard, etc.

This is a great package for people who feel prepared for labor and do not want to have an extra person involved but feel that there is a value in the guidance during labor from someone familiar with them and with the labor process, as well as with the team that they are birthing with. This is a great option for partners that feel they can fulfil most of a doula’s roll but are looking for the extra confidence at the moment since it might be an unknown process and an emotional time.

This is ONLY available for women/couples that take the childbirth preparation series class with me or that have been a past client.