Birth debriefing is “telling the story”.  The overall idea of birth debriefing is to give women a supportive space where they can fill in any gaps. We might ask questions, talk about how they feel about their experience, or just talk generally about the experience. 

Anyone who is present in a birth has an intense emotional life experience. They will have strong and sometimes long lasting feelings about the birth. While some people avoid thinking about certain parts of the birth, others mentally re-play moments over and over again, wondering what should have been done differently. If you feel that sorting it out on your own or just brushing it off hasn't had the best result, birth debriefing might be helpful to you.

For many women, the experience of having a baby in their womb and everything else that results from that can brings many memories and a range of emotions. Concieving and birthing is a profound event of life, and, no matter the outcome, it can be infused with impactant feelings. In our culture “healthy mother, healthy baby” as the main focus, some repression of feelings can be caused as women may not be as happy while still are healthy and with healthy baby but your feelings do matter and I am all ears for it.

I offer a non judgmental and an unbiased presence for you to process a pregnancy or your birth. This is not based on therapy, suggestions or advices. You will only find an empathetic ear and a comforting shoulder from someone who is familiar with the birthing process and everything else involved with having a baby from someone who does not have any degrees and specializations that might be intimidading. Just being able to open yourself up with someone that understands where you are coming from might be extremely healing and helpful to some people. 

If interested, send me a contact form with some possible times that you are available and we will arrange a convenient time that works for you.