Lactation and postpartum services

This package includes breastfeeding guidance with the possibility of visits for extra postpartum support and unlimited contact via phone and email.

I have been involved with breastfeeding since I became a doula in 2010 but I definitely became  passionate about it after having my own personal breastfeeding journey.

I am a lactation educator and have a scope of practice to educate and guide women about breastfeeding. I have helped a lot of moms with latching issues and with some other issues but after experiencing breastfeeding I wanted to be available for so much more than that.

Normally, support is given right after birth by a doula, nurse or breastfeeding consultant but sometimes problems arise a few hours later or even days later. I offer 24h on call breastfeeding support. When you are not sure if you really have a problem and when you just hope that whatever is going on will be gone by the next feeding or next day, that's when you should reach out for help rather than wait. The goal is to avoid slight issues from becoming worse issues.

Even if we have never spoke or met, call me when an issue arises and we will figure out over the phone how I can help you. I may be able to help you over the phone, which I will offer for free or I will assess your situation and determine what level of assistance you may need, which may be a home visit from me or an advice for you to see someone with a more advanced scope of practice.

Here is what I can help and guide you with:

- why/when/how to pump
- breastfeeding discomforts
- latching issues
- supplement suggestions for breastfeeding issues
- baby supplemental feedings options and techniques
- overproduction
- resources

Portpartum guidance comes along with the home Breastfeeding Support and may include a preparation meeting still during pregnancy. During the postpartum period we chat about how this transitional period has been going and what the 'normal' looks like then we come up with action plans to improve what can be improved.