We will meet about four times so a comfortable relationship can be established. I will get to know you and your desires for labor. This will make it easier for me to help you accomplish your goals. We will discuss in details everything needed to accomplish your wishes and we will work to prepare your birth plan so everyone in your team has access to your preferences.

In our meetings I will provide you with information to keep you in tune with your pregnancy and to help you make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and labor developing strategies for labor and birth, and looking for potential triggers of distress in the prenatal period which can give a couple a head start in being prepared.  The goal will be to educate and prepare you for childbirth. 

During labor, I will be giving you my support whenever and wherever you need me. I will give you the support that is best for the moment. It may be by making the environment as pleasurable as possible or helping you to decide when it is time to go to the hospital, as well as emotional support and encouragement, also by helping you with labor through breathing practices, massage, relaxation techniques, positions that can help relieve the intensity of labor and put your baby in a optimal position. I also will help with communication between the staff and the mother in labor and her family.
Our postpartum meetings may also help moms and partners process the feelings and/or issues related to pregnancy, labor and parenthood to help release tension and build confidence. I will be visiting postpartum families two to three times during the postpartum time. 

I am always on call and easily reachable for any questions, concerns or even just a conversation not just in pregnancy but also postpartum.