Private childbirth preparation class



Do you feel overwhelmed by all the childbirth related options out there? Do you feel like many of them sound great but maybe they aren't an exact match of what you believe or what you want for your birth? Do you feel that there is pressure somewhere out there giving an idea that one way to birth is the right one? If you are trying to find somewhere where you can gather all the valid information related to birth and just want to feel informed and empowered while people wont interfere with what you should do with your birth or your baby, maybe this is a great class for you.

This package offer all the benefits of the GROUP CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION CLASS but with the benefit of the location of your choice and the one on one time where we will address your concerns and follow your own pace. We will have two sessions of two and half hours or one five hours session.

In this class you will know what to truly expect from the process of labor and postpartum. The goal is to prepare you for the normal typical scenarios and their options so you can feel empowered to go the route that feels good for you rather than what a book, friend, family member or class teacher, nurse or doctor suggested you to do. You will learn techniques that will help you to truly be a part of the decision making. You will learn the difference between a suggestion and a medical advice.

We will cover childbirth procedures and options, not from the medical stand point but the emotional stand point so you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the risks x benefits which may just create stress, guilt and doubt in the system you are trusting to birth in. The goal is that the the information from this class will empower you enough to follow your instincts, and chances are that is the decision or route that you will feel mostly happy with. We will also practice discomfort coping techniques based on the birth that you are planning to have. 

We will talk about what to expect not only from labor/birth but also from the postpartum period, the real deal, so while you are into it you don’t feel that you are the first human being going through such thing because no one ever mentioned how postpartum can truly be. You will understand what most people say after they have babies rather than just get a vague information that you can make no sense of it, like ‘“Jessica said she could not go to the bathroom.” How is that even possible? It is, I wont just help you to understand that this is common but how possibly deal with this life transition.