Do you want to make a part of a nurture community that embrace couples through one of the most emotional and intimate times of their lives? Maybe your heart will be fulfill by the emotional intense work of a doula. A birth doula is a nurture soul that connects with couples during pregnancy to support them during labor and postpartum.

In this class you will learn the basic anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and labor. You will learn techniques to help the labor process, how to physically and emotionally support a couple during labor and how to guide them during the postpartum period. You will learn how the medical system works and how to be a doula that works well in the place that the couple chose to birth. You will help couples to feel supported during this life transition as well as making the difference in the medical system and being the doula that will be valued not just by the parents but by the whole team. You will also learn strategies of how start your own business and getting into the market.

This training is the first step needed for you to become a birth doula. It will give you the guidance and steps necessary for your to successfully stay in the path to get your certification.

This class offers 16 CEU’s and after all the requirements you will be certified by CPI -Childbirth Professionals International.

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