doula services - partneship

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This package gives parents all the benefits of the private doula practice plus the addition of one more doula. Some families feel extra reassurance in being supported by two doulas not just because there is the benefit of having access to two point of views and two different doula-ing styles but also because they have the confidence that they are increasing to its maximum the chances of connecting with the person that will attend their birth. A group doula practice has a lower chance of not being available for a birth than a single doula practice which is already extremely low, at least for my practice, but that might bring extra reassurance for some couples.

Often, this is an option suggested for couples that reach out for my doula services when I am already booked around their due date. The couple would see each doula separately for the prenatal meetings and the doula available at the time of labor would be the one attending the whole labor/birth. The family would also receive two to three postpartum visits.