Scary Class

  • Inductions

  • Epidurals/Spinals

  • Vacuum

  • Forceps

  • Episiotomies

  • Csections

The percentage of some of these procedures happening aren't as high as some people anticipate, however they do happen. Some people find these subjects to be scary, some people prefer not to do much research due to all the mixed information available online. Yet, some people are looking for simple and straight forward information with no emotions and persuasion involved, and that is the main goal of this series.

The goal of this class is to inform you about the medical side of these procedures, like how they work, some of the risks, the benefits and the common scenarios that they tend to be offered, as well as a summary of the evidence based information involved with those procedures. The focus will be what is most often seen and will shared in a simple language with the goal that someone who isn't daily involved with the birth world can easily comprehend and learn.

This class will be offered at my office in Oakland. There will be two classes and each class will last about two hours. We will have four couples present. It is highly encouraged that the birthing woman brings the main person that will be supporting her during labor.

This class can also be offered privately at the comfort of your home. Contact me for more details.

This series is offered every forth Wednesday or Thursday of each month from 7pm to 9pm.

Send me a contact form for questions or registration.